Why You Need To Take Travel Insurance

Anyone planning an overseas vacation should necessarily make sure that they take travel insurance to cover any eventuality that may arise when they are in a foreign country. Mishaps can occur, whether you are in your home land or abroad. You may be subjected to theft, any type of loss or medical emergency that may put a spoke to your enjoying a vacation abroad. Be aware that the costs involved can be very high and you may end up with a traumatic experience that can have severe after effects that may affect everyday life. It is better to have peace of mind and get travel insurance, if you are a senior citizen or a youngster who travels in a foreign country with or without a backpack. The main aim of a holiday is to enjoy and de-stress so there is no point in travelling without a level of cover and worrying about eventualities.Listed below is a list of reasons why you should cover yourself by taking travel insurance.

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According to statistics revealed by the Australian government and the Australian Consulate, nearly 900 deaths are reported yearly and there is evidence to prove that nearly 1200 overseas travelers are hospitalized every year. It is essential to be aware that hospitals can charge over a 1000 per day and if you have not insurance cover, you will have to bear the entire cost. Out of this nearly 50 medical evacuations are carried out every year. This will give you a fair idea of the importance of insurance as you would not wish to pay 100,000 to get yourself evacuated. There may not be a need to use the policy but if the situation arises, you should ensure that you are protected so that you are not out of pocket.It is quite common nowadays to find that baggage is lost when travelling. You can get robbed of your wallet or baggage in airports, when you are in a foreign city and you are not cautious. Sometimes, you may find your personal possessions and important documents stolen. Travel insurance can cover your losses but if you are able to recover the stolen items, you can still have that wonderful holiday that you planned for yourself.It is essential, to cover certain situations, where you can be subject to flight cancellations and due to the time difference this can play havoc on your nerves. Travel insurance, will cover such problems, so that you are resting, instead of hanging around in airports for hours at a time. It will not be worth your while to lose out on accommodation when there are cancellations and you are stranded for days.Insurance can cover you when you face problems that result due to an act of nature. You may be subjected to the forces of a typhoon, or hurricane and if you are stranded in a place where you are subjected to dangerous risks, it would be worth your while to ensure that you are protected with valid travel insurance.

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If you are faced with circumstances that are unforeseen and have to return suddenly because of this, travel insurance will help, as you may be able to recover some of your costs or even postpone the holiday to rush home because of a loss or bereavement.Therefore, before you travel overseas, make it a point to cover your trip with insurance as you do not want to find that your holiday has driven you out of pocket or proved overly expensive. Try to get cheap travel insurance that will help you to gain peace of mind when you travel overseas.

Travel Insurance – Essential Cover For Everyone

The most common reason that people take out travel insurance is to protect their luggage from theft or the airlines losing it. What people often overlook is the necessity of having a travel insurance policy that comprehensively covers them for medical emergencies.Smartraveller.gov.au gives some examples of costs: hospitalisation in South East Asia can exceed $800 per day; return of remains from europe can cost $10,000; medical evacuations from the USA can cost up to $300,000 and from nearby Bali has exceeded $60,000.Those numbers should hurt because if you had to pay them without holiday insurance you may end up financially crippled. Luckily it is fairly easy to take out a good insurance plan that covers your overseas medical expenses. In Australia it is mandatory for travel insurance companies to provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) prior to purchase. A PDS outlines what the policy covers including what their will pay for certain incidents and any if there are any particular terms and conditions attached. If you are suffering a pre-existing medical condition then make sure you are still eligible.

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Since all the major Australian travel insurance companies operate online sales it is very easy to compare the cover. Some of the main companies are: 1 Cover, AAMI, Allianz, Columbus Direct, Insure4Less, iTrek, Travel Insurance Direct and World Nomads. You can find them and more through your favorite search engine.Once you are at their website just look for the PDS. It will usually be on the quote and product pages. Open it up and don’t be alarmed at how confusing it can look, just scroll to the large table with the dollar values in it. Make sure the sections labeled Medical Expenses or Medical Evacuation or similar are unlimited or in the millions. Other useful cover is for lost or stolen luggage, cancellation, delays, cash, credit cards, liability, and dental.

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Get a quote for the ones that meet this criteria. Choose the company offering the lowest premium that you trust. Reading online reviews can be very helpful at this stage. Best of luck with your travels and hopefully nothing goes wrong.

Travel Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

Everyone has travelled at least once in their life. Whether it is by bus, train, boat, or plane, you know the inconveniences you can encounter. People travelling to long distances usually prefer travelling via an airplane because it is convenient and faster. It may mean long lines in the ticket booth, long waiting hours before boarding time, or a little excess baggage but you deal with them because in the end, you will be in a relaxing and stress-free vacation. Despite all those petty nuisances, what are the chances of getting a delayed flight? Is paying for travel insurance really necessary?Travelling itself can already cost you and your family a lot of dollars. Some people do not want to go through the additional expense of paying for something which might now happen to them at all. What are the odds of a disaster happening to you on a trip, right? Sadly, many people think this way. It is only when they experience a travel difficulty that they wish they had purchased reliable cheap travel insurance. Planning ahead makes you prepared for the worst. Before you disregard buying insurance for your travel, read first then make the call.

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You needed to cancel your trip for more important reasonsYou get caught in a situation wherein you badly need to be somewhere than the airport. Unforeseen circumstances such as a death in the family or you got into an accident can cost you your trip. Many insurance providers for travellers offer trip cancellation coverage. This means that for whatever reason you cancelled your trip, you will not end up losing the money you paid beforehand for the ticket and hotel reservations. Your insurance policy will cover your expenses.You need immediate medical attentionThis may possibly be the worst case scenario. In case you needed medical attention because you got a heart attack in an exclusive vacation island, where would you go? If you have an insurance provider, then call them to assist you with your situation. Travel insurance policies can cover all your medical expenses and even ancillary expenses when you encounter such a situation. They can also point you to the nearest affiliated qualifying hospital to make sure you get the best service and care.Your baggage is missingTravellers might get this misfortune more often than anything else. In any case, lost, damaged, or stolen luggage of travellers can be reimbursed. In case of baggage delay, some insurance policy providers offer reimbursement of the essential contents if the baggage will be delayed for more than 24 hours.

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Your travel documents were lost or your credit cards were stolenWhile strolling around a historic city, you notice your bag has been emptied of your wallet and other essential documents. Travellers are easy targets for local thieves and swindlers. Purchasing travel cover can help coordinate with local resources to resolve your problem.Purchasing travel coverage does not need to be over-the-top expensive. There are many companies online who provide cheap travel insurance because there are no middlemen or travel agents which add up the cost of travel coverage. Buying insurance eliminates more risks you can possibly encounter while travelling.

Why Purchase Travel Insurance Online?

It’s a question that always comes up when planning and budgeting for a trip. Is the extra expense necessary? Why not save on that premium and spend it on something fun instead? Sure, you could do that, but remember that the cost of purchasing travel insurance is minuscule compared with potentially catastrophic financial losses you could sustain if things go awry. For instance, if you were to break your leg skiing in the U.S. you could face a bill of anything from $5,000 to $50,000 (£2,500-£25,000) depending on how serious the break is and where you are treated.California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, did break his leg skiing and was in hospital for five days at a rate of anything from $6,000-$9,000 per day – just for a room and the basics. Add to that the x-rays, tests, medications, physical therapy and crutches. That’s all before paying for the expertise of a surgeon and anesthetist. The total bill could be anything from $10,000 to $16,000 per day! (£5,000-£8,000). There would be follow-up visits as well, but hopefully by then you would have been repatriated to the UK. Do you carry that sort of money in your back pocket – or would you prefer to have the peace of mind of travel insurance with winter sports coverage?

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When the President of the United States travels he has an advance team of Secret Service agents to check everything he might come into contact with for security issues. They work out worst case scenarios, potential hazards, and emergency and evacuation plans. Unless you are someone very important you won’t have the benefit of your own personal advance team!Schools these days send out ‘advance teams’ of teachers to do security checks of accommodations and locations to be visited by children on school trips. Many children are being deprived of fun, educational and enlightening trips because teachers are scared to death of the liability and would rather avoid it. What if someone stubs their toe, or is emotionally traumatis ed when a bully brandishes a spider?There are many crazy reasons why you have to get insurance these days. Pancake Races were cancelled in several towns in the UK this year. For centuries people have simply grabbed a frying pan and run through their high streets tossing pancakes to the finish line. They even did it over cobble stone streets! Nowadays someone has to be liable if things go wrong… There have to be risk assessments, fees paid to local governments and paid medical personnel on hand – just in case.To see some ridiculous instances of lack of personal responsibility look at the Stella Awards – which are given for the most frivolous lawsuits filed in the U.S. They were named after Stella Leibeck, the woman who famously sued McDonalds after she spilled hot coffee in her lap and sustained third degree burns. No mention that maybe it was a little, um, ‘careless’ to place scalding hot coffee between her legs in the first place. Her lawyers won a pay out of close to three million dollars, but a judge later restored a degree of sanity and reduced the amount to around $650,000. Another benefit of travel insurance is that, depending on the policy, it may carry liability benefits of up to £2 million for accidental injury to third parties and property.

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It’s the accidents and unforeseen events we can’t avoid that make travel insurance essential. Bags do get lost, people get sick and valuables are lost or stolen. You wouldn’t dream of leaving your house or car uninsured, so why would you go on holiday without travel insurance?Maybe we should enjoy our travels while we still can… If health and safety issues continue to shut down all our avenues of pleasure we may end up living inside bubbles and no longer have any need for travel insurance!

Travel Insurance – Why You Need it and What You Should Look For

No matter which part of the world you are traveling to having insurance is important. There could be so many variables that affect your travel plans and arrangements, having travel insurance makes sure you are prepared for any eventuality.Travel insurance is important when you have paid a large deposit to book a trip or when you are going abroad as you may have to deal with delays or some other changes. Any additional needs to stay, pre-pone or cancel your tickets can result in heavy losses if you are uninsured. Travel insurance also has another area to it which is trip cancellation insurance.This guards your investment or booking against any change of plans, any loss of money due to weather conditions, cancellations by the tour agents or if you decide not to go for the trip due to business reasons. Lost luggage and sometimes even medical emergency treatment may be part of the package.

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The key to getting a good deal on your travel insurance is to spend time deciding what you want to choose. Look for treatments of a regular nature and emergency visits that may be there. Also check that you are covered for any sort of dental work should you require it. When you shop around for your travel insurance you will be able to find out what will suit your budget, if you know what is available you will be able to bargain better.There is often no coverage for some treatments that are meant to prevent such as vaccinations. In case of an already existing health condition or injury you cannot make claims from your insurance company. Sometimes a rare condition that repeats due to exposure to certain stimuli can result in coverage by the insurance agents.When you are traveling abroad make certain that you carry at least two pairs of clothes, some essential toiletries and your travel papers and documents in a carry bag with you. If you leave everything in your luggage and it gets lost you will be in quite a bit of trouble trying to sort things out.When you have at least your essential items handy you can still sort things out with your trip cancellation insurance when there is lost luggage and other stuff. Make sure you have your insurance papers handy or a copy should you wish to make a claim while traveling when something is misplaced.

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In some cases, there may be a need to have adequate coverage in case there is some kind of pre-existing health conditions. If you cannot deal without medical attention while traveling and your travel insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions then you will need to consider getting an additional policy that will cover you in the eventuality of some health conditions acting up.If you wish to, you can discuss with your insurance agents how the travel plans and age of the individual can also affect what sort of a policy is offered to the traveler. When you know what is available you can make a more informed choice about your insurance.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance: Essential Planning For Any Winter Vacation

Winter sports travel insurance is considered to be a great way to safely prepare for a winter vacation. Regardless of the place you intend to spend your vacation, you can still expect the insurance to work suitably for your needs. Here are other tips that are capable of helping you enjoy your winter:1. Dream List: Create a list of the different places that you intend to visit during winter. When making the list, make sure that you consider factors like your budget, logistics and the amount of time that you want to spend in there.2. Amenities: Include in your list places that are capable of providing you the kind of amenities that you desire. If you are travelling with your kids or an elderly relative, then you also have to make sure that you look for a place that can offer activities that are suitable enough for everyone in your family. In addition, think about other comforts such as an old-fashioned fireplace or easy access to ski hills.3. Research: Gather as much information as you can get about each of your choices. You can obtain a lot of accurate details from the tourism website in your state, travel agent, travel guide, close friends and relatives. Once have some research notes prepared, it will be easier for you to make decide what kind of winter vacation you want.

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4. Activities:Make sure that you research the restaurants, hotels, nightlife, facilities, and family activities of each of your choices. It is also important for you to check out the pros and cons of your planned destinations to ensure that you are able to pick the best choice.5. Access: Choose the most suitable place for you and start making early reservations for your flight and hotel accommodations.6. Insurance: Look for an insurance company which is capable of providing you a good winter sports travel insurance coverage. You have to find a legitimate one to ensure that you are prepared emergencies and mishaps during your trip. If you are planning on undertaking high risk sports like snowboarding or mountain climbing, you might need extra coverage.7. Packing List: Create a list of the items that you need to bring on your vacation. Check your list several times to ensure that you are able to bring with you everything that you and your family need.8. Weather Forecast: During that time when your flight is already near and you are already doing some packing, you have to make sure that you constantly check out the weather forecast on the place that you are planning to visit. This will allow you and your family to have a safe travel.9. Winter Clothing: Make sure that you pack clothing items that are not too light so as to keep you freezing during the winter season and not too much so as to give you a hard time maneuvering your things. When it comes to this, you are advised to make a plan as to the most functional clothing items for your winter vacation. In order to pack the right clothing, refer back to step 4 – what activities are you planning on during your vacation?

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10. Winter Accessories: Although many winter resorts will sell winter gear, it is best to bring your own equipment from home. Suggested accessories for winter travel scarves, ear muffs, gloves, sunglasses and warm caps and hats. If you’re freezing, you will not be able to enjoy yourself very much. If it has been a long time since you put on your winter coat and other accessories, try everything on before you go to make sure everything still fits and is in good condition. If it does not fit, then it is time to go shopping.All of these tips are useful in making sure that you have a wonderful winter vacation whether you go to Aspen, Switzerland or Banff. But of all the tips, one thing that you should never forget tip number 6: get yourself and your family winter sports travel insurance. This will save you from facing all of the financial consequences that may become apparent whenever emergencies strike you.

10 Easy Tips for Making a Travel Insurance Claim

When you take out a travel insurance policy you hope that it is only for peace of mind, a safeguard against something that might but probably won’t happen. No-one wants to think about actually having to claim on their travel insurance as that would mean something had gone wrong on their longed-for holiday. However, travel insurance exists for that very reason – sometimes things go wrong. At least if you have taken out a policy you should be covered. Now you just need to know the best and easiest ways to make a claim.Take your details with youThis may seem obvious but it is surprising how many people pay for a policy and then forget to take the details with them when they go away. It is essential to know exactly what you’re covered for so that if you do need to claim for something you know what you’re entitled to. Also, many providers insist that you phone them before receiving medical treatment and without the emergency number and your policy details that could prove very tricky.

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Make copies of your insurance detailsImagine the scenario – you’ve remembered to take your travel insurance details with you but they are in your case which gets stolen. It has happened many times before – to prevent that nightmare situation from happening to you, always make copies of your details and keep them somewhere separate. It’s a good idea to leave a copy with a family member or friend at home too.Ask for a police reportIf you are the victim of a robbery or a mugging and you need to claim for clothes and essentials bought to replace those lost, you may need to provide the insurance agency with a police report as proof.Report stolen items immediatelyAs soon as anything is stolen make sure you report it to both the police and the claims hotline without delay.Keep receiptsIf you buy anything as a result of lost or stolen possessions, have to pay for medical treatment, or need to buy food because of a serious flight delay, it is essential you retain all receipts as proof of purchase.Keep or create proof of ownership of valuable itemsTo prove that you own an expensive digital camera, took it on holiday and it really was stolen, it’s a good idea to be able to present the insurance provider with proof of ownership. Whether that’s a receipt, a warranty, a credit card statement or even a photo – it all helps prove that you’re not trying to make a false claim.Obtain written proof of flight delaysYou may have noted a theme here – obtaining proof is essential to ensure that your claims are met by your travel insurance provider. If your flight is delayed by a significant amount of time you should be covered but without written proof of that delay it might be difficult to claim.Follow the instructions on your policy

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If you need to make a claim, your policy should tell you exactly what you need to do – make sure you follow the claims procedure to the letter to ensure everything is handled correctly.Try and remain patientIt will generally take a minimum of 10 days to process a claim for a stolen item as long as the provider has all the relevant details. When the payment is for a large amount of money, for example for medical treatment, it will often take far longer to gather all the information and proof. There is nothing for you to do but remain patient.Don’t panicLastly, don’t get too worked up about it. It’s horrible but unfortunate things can and sometimes do happen on holiday. As long as you’re covered and have followed the tips above, you’ll be fine. After all, this is what you took out your travel insurance policy for!

Travel Insurance – Essential for a Hassle Free Holiday

Travel is as easy as turning a page in a holiday magazine and viewing your potential break on the Internet these days. But one of the most underrated and yet easiest aspects to forget when planning a holiday is the travel insurance for family members.The benefits of purchasing a policy far outweigh not investing those few pounds. As well as providing essential cover during the entire stay, it could well save you hundreds of pounds in the long run if, indeed, you do need hospital treatment or suffer an accident that cuts your holiday stay short. It can also help soften the blow of hefty medical costs and from any theft or damage you suffer while away from home.

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Why buy a policy?Good holiday cover is essentially a safety net for a family or individual. If you are in a car accident, suffer a theft, or require medical treatment, a good policy is key – a hidden aspect that only comes to the fore when it is truly needed.Getting a good companyHalf the battle these days is ensuring that you take out the right package with the right company. While comparison websites take the difficulty out of weighing up the best package at the best price, it is often which company is the most dependable that matters most. Companies that offer a diverse range of packages to match your demands or needs and ensure that travel insurance for family members is comprehensive and clear are your best bet.The costFor some families, the perception is that cover can be mightily expensive for a holiday abroad and they will decide to wing it. But investing a small amount of time will actually highlight how affordable full coverage can be. Reputable companies have years of experience in this field and can offer the most competitive rates. Over the Internet you can quickly establish the best cover for you and your family and, importantly, the cost.Book at the time of confirming the holidayRather than wait until the last minute and rush into a package you don’t want and is not relevant to your needs, the best time to book is at the time of confirming your holiday. By doing so, you can have the luxury of looking around and choosing the best package and ensure it kicks in when needed.

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Where to goOne of the main issues of holiday cover is establishing where in the world it applies – and doesn’t. If you are travelling far afield, be sure to question your company as to what countries you will be covered in.Extra benefitsGiven your travel insurance for family members is such an important issue, check out whether your policy also offers extra free benefits, such as upgrades and free equipment cover.

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Multi Trip Travel Insurance is also known as Annual Travel Insurance.With an annual multi trip you can take unlimited trips in a 12 month period. It is ideal for anyone who takes more than 3 trips a year, especially for anyone with a family because most multi trip insurance allows for up to 4 children for free.Benefits and advantages of multi trip insurance:
Take unlimited trips annually. (depending on the insurer, each trip duration limit can range from 30 days to up to 60 days).
Children are insured for free, usually up to 4 children under the age of 18. Please note that children are covered only if they travel with one of the insured adults.
Some of the insurers throw in a Free Ski Insurance ranging from 7 days – 21 days annually.
Few Annual covers provides domestic travel insurance. This usually has a minimum distance and will require a hotel stay as well. The domestic travel insurance cover makes the Multi Trip Insurance even more compelling economically.
It works out cheaper if you take 3 or more trips a year, especially if you add up all your business and holiday travel cover.
Multi Trip Insurance cover is ideal for contract workers who have to travel a few weeks at a time on project related work.

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Why You Need Travel InsuranceWe are most vulnerable when we travel and Trip Insurance is the only way to protect yourself for monitory loss incurred due to circumstances beyond your control. These eventualities can occur at any time before or during travel and its essential to have protection against them. Here are some examples of why you need travel insurance:
You meet with an accident on the way to the airport and subsequently miss the flight to your non-refundable holiday.
You or your family member falls ill a few days before the holiday, forcing you to cancel your trip.
Your baggage is lost or delayed by the airline and you are forced to buy the essentials. In the event it’s lost, the airlines pay very little as compensation, so you need insurance.
You or your family members meet with an accident or fall ill and require medical attention or surgery whilst on holiday. This can prove to be very expensive depending on which country you are in, especially if it requires medical evacuation.

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You accidentally damage someone else’s property or person and require legal representation and or have to pay 3rd party damages.
Travel insurance for activity holidays like skiing, etc., where there is a greater change of injury, damage and loss.
In case your expensive equipment or possessions like jewelry, camera, ski equip, etc., is damaged, stolen or lost.
You are forced to evacuate because of a natural calamity and lose your possessions in the bargain. Some situations require emergency evacuation as well.
You and or your family members get food poisoning and needs hospitalization.
You need someone to fly out to you in the event you are hospitalised.

Travel Insurance – The Key to Your Protection

Have you imagined the great relief of being insured on your travel? Travel insurance can help your journey greatly. It will protect you against losses you may encounter during your travel or leisure; whether you are in your holiday travel or business travel. It will help you in the unexpected troubles on your journey. There are many essential benefits you can get.There are three main types . The first one is package plans. It is a complete insurance cover for a traveler against all aspects of travels lost, medical, emergency evacuations, baggage lost, flight cancellations or interruptions etc. The second is the medical plan; it is mainly created for emergency evacuation benefits, often used in a long term travel. And last but not the least, the flight plans, where they will provide accidental death insurance while you are on the flight, alighting, on board, or being transported by the airline.

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Listed below are the various kinds of travel insurance:Long Term- This type of insurance offers major medical benefits. It provides faultless coverage for international citizens of all countries who work abroad etc. This is an international long term setup that is usually issued for12 months coverage, and can be renewed.Annual- It provides fully comprehensive family travel insuranceLong Stays- This type of insurance is often used by people who plan on being away from home in an extended period of time. It reduces the risks involved in travel.Business- Is for the business person who regularly travels. With this, you can travel safe, and your business will not be affected as a result. It includes all insurance benefits.One Way- For the people who are going on one way trip. Choosing your one way travel insurance for a safer journey is highly recommended.Group- Is insurance for a group of 10 or more passengers, whether you want to protect your clients against the flight dilemmas etc.

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Holiday- Is used to make your holidays safer, from a complete holiday coverage point of view.The best way to get the best insurance is to simply review and compare travel insurance companies Just look at the insurance offers, and examine side by side. Be vigilant in choosing, as the benefits differ vastly.It is essential for everyone who loves to travel to avail of some sort of insurance. It is vital in a traveler’s life to be kept protected all times. Don’t miss the chance. Travel insurance will lead you to a better and safer life by just affording it, without stress. It will give you many reasons to enjoy your travels as many times as you want.