Find the Best Holiday Travel Deals!

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. You can lower the costs significantly if you follow the tips here.

When people think of traveling, they often think of far-away countries. And they are indeed amazing! There is so much to see in the world. So how to choose the best destination? Now we are talking about money. Find a country where your money is worth more than back home. That way you can travel for a longer period of time without having to worry about your budget. Asia and South America are generally your best choices, and you can also consider some parts of Eastern Europe. However, unless you have a plan B money-wise, stay clear from Paris, London, Rome, Milan.. all the exciting cities you have heard so much about! They are magnificent, but you won’t like the prices.

When looking for the best holiday travel deals, you need to keep your eyes open and know where to look. Compare different search engines. Create a travel alert which follows the prices for you and emails the results. Follow different airlines and their offers. And most importantly: if you know when you want to travel and where you want to go, start looking for your tickets early! Usually the price starts going up at least eight weeks before the departure, even earlier if you are planning to travel before popular holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, when everyone seems to be traveling.

There is an alternative approach to this: if exact dates and locations are not an issue, you can try your look and wait for last-minute deals. You might find excellent offers.. or not. Have a plan B for how to spend your holiday if this one falls through. These same tips will naturally work for getting the best holiday travel deals for cruises and trip packages too.

One good way to spend less money at your holiday destination and find exciting hidden places is to ask the local people for suggestions for what to do. If you want an honest answer, ask something like “where would you go for Japanese food” (or whatever it is you are after) instead of “where should I go for Japanese food”. That way they are less likely to suggest places made for tourists, since locals rarely visit them. If you are lucky, the people might show you around or invite you to have lunch with them at their favorite restaurant. Finding some local gems is both cheaper and more interesting than following your guide book to a tee.

Ultimate Cheap Family Holiday Travel Guide

If you need a quick reference for planning your next family holiday an ultimate cheap holiday travel guide will help. An effective guide will offer accommodation, pricing, sites to see and travel options. Knowing what is available ahead of time is a good piece of information when planning your holiday.

A variety of travel destinations are vital for an ultimate cheap family holiday travel guide. If you are considering a Caribbean holiday the guide should address the major and not so major destinations in the islands. If your holiday tends toward the Alps the travel guide should have a range of accommodations for those that may care to ski and for those that may want to shop and eat. City accommodations are an essential part of a good travel guide. So many popular city destinations have multiple possible sites and restaurants to visit. Knowing which restaurants, museums and sites may intrigue you before the holiday allows for good planning.

A guide will also offer options located about the destination for your holiday. Just a short distance around the selected location may offer potential new and exciting day trips for you and the family. Visit the intended location for the family holiday and find expected and unexpected added adventures as you explore your holiday surroundings. Festivals and local events are a good way to get to know the destination. Your holiday travel guide can be your access to unknown cultures and possibly new tastes to temp your palette.

If you are just getting started in planning your next holiday a good travel guide will get you moving. Take advantage of the work that others have already done for you. The Holiday Experts have researched the world so your next holiday will be perfect.

Holiday Travel Guide

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it’s just a long weekend away or a planned vacation, I absolutely love traveling and seeing other parts of the world. This time of the year is my favorite. Traveling during the holidays is a great experience for anyone. It is unique in that you get to see sites and sounds that you don’t get to see any other time of the year. But travel during the holidays can also be very expensive. I have decided to set up a guide for traveling during the holidays to give you some resources on how to get the most out of your trip without having to spend a fortune.

Locating the Best Airfare

Locating the best airfare can be tough this time of year. As the demand for airfare goes up, so do the prices. Listed below are a few tips on getting the cheapest airfare possible.

1. Plan your trip ahead of time – You may want to go ahead and plan your trip now. As the holiday season gets closer the prices will only go up. If possible, try to purchase the tickets for your flight about 15-20 days in advance. Never buy a ticket within 7 days of the departure unless it’s an emergency because the prices tend to sky rocket.

2. Try to depart during the week – If at all possible, book your flight sometime in the middle of the week. Normally the weekend departures have a much higher demand than your mid week flights so you will find better prices if you can leave on say a Tuesday or Wednesday.

3. Think about late flights or red eys – I have taken a few red eyes during my travels and have been on a few flights that are pretty close to empty. Airlines usually offer much cheaper airfares for you to take a flight later in the day or at night. They need to fill these flights!!

4. Compare round trip to one way – Sometimes it is actually less expensive to book one way than to do the preferred round trip fare. Booking your flight one way gives you the flexibility once at your holiday destination to decide when you want to fly back home. I prefer the round trip tickets but have found in the past that it is better for me to go one way.

5. Use the internet – I always book my flights on the internet and I almost never book it through the airline. You can find many great deals online with many travel agents such as travelocity or orbitz. Research “cheap airline tickets” and see what you find.

Get Better Hotel Rates

1. Use the internet – Now days you can book your flight and hotel all at the same time. Search the internet for hotel deals. There are many travel agents to choose from so compare all of them. I personally use expedia, orbitz, and travelzoo for most of my hotel needs.

2. Negotiate – In my travel cities there is a hotel on every corner or right next to one another. Get a price in your head and see if the hotel manager can come close to that price. If they will not come down on their price, walk away and see what happens. Many times the hotel staff is not going to risk losing you to a competitor. Hey, it’s worth a shot and has worked for me.

3. Search for coupons – If you go to any search engine and type in “hotel coupons” you will get many results. Before booking anything online see if there are any coupons out there that may lower your rate. Be patient because there are many coupons out there that are expired or simply do not work.

Holiday Travel – Getting Around Cornwall

How many times have you got lost when you go on holiday? How many times have you sat in a queue of traffic or been left circling a car-park just to find an illusive parking space at a top tourist spot? And all of this on your ‘relaxing’ holiday. Driving and navigating around a new area can be both stressful and daunting and quite often, you can miss out the best bits by going the direct route.

Yet with some planning and a bit of imagination (and sometimes a lot of guts!) there are some interesting alternatives to travelling around Cornwall while on your self catering holiday and uncover some little gems you wouldn’t necessarily see whilst using the most well trodden paths throughout the South West.


The former artists’ colony of St. Ives encompasses all the charm of the quaint Cornish villages and continues to attract many visitors each year. Even if you’ve been to St. Ives before, a trip on the St. Ives Railway, a short journey across from St. Erth station, is an opportunity to experience the dramatic views of Hayle Towans and Carbis Bay before arriving in St. Ives. With trains running everyday (except Christmas day and Boxing day) all you have to do is make sure you don’t miss the last train back to your self catering holiday cottage!

To get out and about on public transport, you could wait for a sunny day or pack your waterproofs and head out on FirstGroup’s Service 300 open top ‘Cornwall Explorer’ in the West of Cornwall. Sit on the top deck and see over the Cornish hedgerows and feel the wind on your face as you travel through West Cornwall. Buy a day ticket and you can hop on and off the First bus routes enjoying places such as Mousehole, Newlyn and Land’s End for as long as you want.


Fancy spending the morning in Mevagissey and be in Fowey in time for afternoon tea? Well, by using the Mevagissey to Fowey ferry or more lovingly known as the Bessie-James, you can arrive in Fowey after a 35 minute boat ride that follows the spectacular coastline. Even well behaved dogs are welcome aboard this regular service that picks up and drops off on Lighthouse Quay, Mevagissey and Whitehouse Quay, Fowey, leaving you more than enough time to explore the galleries, coffee shops and perhaps the pubs too (seeing as no-one is driving!)

For a more serene and individual opportunity to explore the coastline at your leisure, why not hire a kayak or canoe and head out on your own? Many beach shops can arrange the hire of all the equipment and guide you to some of the best spots for a morning or full days excursion.


For some though, being on the ground just doesn’t offer the same perspective as perhaps the sky. Cornwall offers some of the most incredible aerial views spanning the county, and from the air you can trace the contours of moorlands and coastlands that Cornwall is famed for and possibility even the traditional Cornish holiday cottage you’re staying in. For the traditional, take a trip to Bodmin or Perranporth airfields for a trial flight that will amaze or for those wanting something just that little bit different, head on down to Redruth where they can offer hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring…’ve just got to remember to keep your eyes open though!!

Or forget all that and just get out and walk. Do your bit towards the environment and save yourself some money whilst seeing the best of what Cornwall has to offer, up close and personal at your own pace.